It’s That Time Again! The 2018 State Agency Annual Records Disposition Authority Implementation Report

The Alabama Department of Archives and History is responsible for working with state agencies on managing their records. This year, we have developed a new online method for reporting your state agency’s 2018 records management activities. Each agency is required to complete this process by January 15, 2019. The new reporting method involves three easy steps:

1. Access the State Agency Annual Records Disposition Authority Implementation Report (it’s best to use a Chrome web browser since this document was created using Google forms). This form contains seven sections of questions about your records management activities, including records destroyed; electronic newsletters, bulletins, and annual reports created; and permanent records transferred to ADAH during the 2018 fiscal year. If your agency did not file a report in previous fiscal years, you can use this same Google form to submit those past reports—just be sure to fill out separate forms for 2018 and any other year you wish to submit.

2. Send a copy of your 2018 destruction notices to

3. Send electronic copies of newsletters, bulletins, and agency annual reports to

Once you complete these three simple steps, you will receive a PDF copy of your completed Annual RDA Implementation Report from ADAH within 30 days of your submission.

If you want to see if your agency has submitted the necessary reports for the past five years, you can check your agency’s compliance at the ADAH State Agency Annual Report Log. After January 15, 2019, you can use that same link to view your agency’s status for FY2018.

When you access the Google form, you will only see one section of questions at a time. If you would like to see all the questions at once to guide your submission process, you can download a PDF of the full questionnaire here: State Agency Annual RDA Implementation Report Preview Of Questions.

Also, when you enter your fiscal year into the Google form, please enter “2018” rather than “FY18” or any other derivation of 2018.

As always, if you have questions about the annual reporting form, please contact Rebecca Hebert at




Thinking Outside the Acid-Free Box on Electronic Records Day

The times might always be changing but thankfully resources exist to ensure that your agency’s records are just as accessible in the future as they are today. Thanks to a three-year grant provided by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC), the Alabama Department of Archives and History (ADAH) has launched a new initiative to preserve the permanent electronic records created by state agencies. With help from Preservica — a cloud-based subscription service that provides long-term access to a wide array of electronic records formats — ADAH plans to collaborate with state agency records liaisons to think outside the box as we ensure that today’s born-digital records can serve future generations of Alabamians.

In 2017, ADAH used Preservica to make publicly available over 3,500 born-digital files created by the Office of the Governor. Not only does Preservica provide access to the electronic files that originated from Governor Bob Riley’s administration, but the tool migrates the various electronic records formats to new formats that ensure their long-term preservation. The records are accessible to researchers through the Archives website. Check the website often as we add new files to our growing electronic records collections, including our most recent addition of House Journals from 1998 to 2017.

The NHPRC grant also provided funds to assist state agency records liaisons in the development and implementation of electronic records management best practices. ADAH has created new guidelines for handling incoming electronic storage media and is crafting procedures for managing e-mail.

With the NHPRC’s help, ADAH is better prepared to advise state agencies on electronic records management policies and to provide a long-term tool for preserving and accessing permanent digital records. If your agency is interested in learning more about ADAH’s electronic records management program, please contact Rebecca Hebert, State and Local Records Coordinator, at

Something Old, Something New: Records and Information Management Section Blog

Did you know that one of the Alabama Department of Archives and History’s (ADAH) central missions is to aid state and local governments in the management of their records? ADAH staff work with state and local agencies on records and information management and on the preservation of permanent records. We also conduct free on-site visits for assistance and training.

This blog is designed to share information pertinent to the management and preservation of government records, including such topics as records retention, professional training, disaster preparedness, electronic records, and more. From the mountains of north Alabama to the Mobile Bay, our blog will relay news from our staff who travel across the Yellowhammer State to train and assist records management liaisons. We will also report the activities of the Alabama State Records Commission and the Alabama Local Government Records Commission.

Who we are and what we do is vital to preserving government records for the benefit of current and future generations of Alabamians. Check out our weekly blog posts to find out more.