Preparing for and Cleaning Mold on Paper Records

 If you have ever stepped into your records room and caught the unmistakable scent of mildew or opened a drawer to find a fuzzy film growing there, you know the stress this can cause. You might feel that all hope is lost, but thankfully, you can often salvage moldy documents. A quick, informed response will … Continue reading Preparing for and Cleaning Mold on Paper Records

Preserving Historic Ledgers and Books

Guest Contributor: Keri Hallford, Collections Archivist, Alabama Department of Archives and History Are you considering wrapping books in your agency’s collection? Keeping bound records was once an easy and reliable way to reference important information quickly. In the digital age, however, this method is becoming outmoded, and books often fall into disrepair. As bound records … Continue reading Preserving Historic Ledgers and Books